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Golf Club Subscription for Kids

Get them started with the Callaway club lengths, weights and lofts designed to give kids everything they need to play well. When they outgrow the first set of clubs, simply return to Junior.Club to select the next size. We'll send out the new clubs and take back the old.


  • I would like to think Callaway for giving my 10-year-old the opportunity to play golf, with your clubs we would not have been able to afford a set for him.
    - Sean Price
  • Awesome customer service!! Great price for a brand new set. We couldn't be happier. You provide the solution for parents.
    - Suzie Lopez
  • I was able to introduce golf to my child because of this program. It allows me to invest minimum money to determine if my kid would like the sport.
    – Kevin Salinas
  • Buying clubs for a growing kid that they will outgrown in a year or two is frustrating. I love the idea of 'renting' instead, I wish someone would do this for clothes and shoes.” - Sarah Ryan
    - Sarah Ryan
  • I got these for my 4 now 5-year-old grandson He had a couple of clubs that were too long and created some frustration. He loves these clubs AND the bag. He now wants to practice and get on the course.
    - William Madden
  • Golf is unique sport and kids are overloaded from very young age for their sports time between YMCA and now select so have to be very creative on timing and marketing of golf. My 6-year-old received his clubs two weeks ago and tomorrow will be first golf day open tomorrow.
    – Nick Kennedy
  • Golf is still a very expensive sport for juniors to excel in. This club program certainly helps. It's very forward thinking for addressing the economic concerns most junior parents face. Lessons & tournament enrollment and registration fee are the other big hurdle. Those economics still determine largely how successful a junior golfer is. It remains more true in golf than any other sport or childhood endeavor.
    - Suzie Mackey
  • Thanks for putting this program together! The only negative is the awesome Callaway clubs make my son look like the best golfer when he shows up to lessons, camps, etc. His play needs to catch up to his equipment! He's 7, so we have time! We LOVE Junior.Club.
    – Amy Roth
  • Program is great offer and wish they had it around when I was a kid!
    – Charlie Powell
  • Passed on to 3 other families, all liked the program.
    – Anna Short

How it Works


Select the clubs that fit your child's current height. When they outgrow the clubs, come back to Junior.Club and get a new size.


Starting at $12/month

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What Makes Us Best


Five great features

  • No Long Term Commitments
  • Higher Quality, Lower Price
  • 'One-click' Upgrades
  • Delivered To Your Front Door
  • Higher Performance by Callaway
Get the Right Equipment from the Start
Develop their love of the game by starting them with clubs that are designed for their current height.
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