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Welcome to Junior.Club Callaway Youth Golf Clubs Subscriptions For Kids


Get them started with the Callaway youth gold club lengths, weights, and lofts designed to give kids everything they need to play well. When they outgrow the first set of clubs, simply return them to Junior.Club to select the next size. We'll send out the new clubs and take back the old.

There's a reason golf is known as the greatest game ever played. It's a sport, a mental exercise, and a social activity all rolled into one relaxing afternoon. With all these benefits, it's no surprise that the game is popular!

Over 2 million people took up golf in 2016 alone. Many of these players are kids, ready to learn and grow while playing the game. But are their clubs ready to handle their growth spurts? That's where we come in.

Junior.Club offers high-quality clubs to kids who love golf. Whether they're new to the game or just a little taller than last year, our service will get your kids the golf clubs they need to succeed on the course.

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  • I would like to think Callaway for giving my 10-year-old the opportunity to play golf, with your clubs we would not have been able to afford a set for him.
    - Sean Price
  • Awesome customer service!! Great price for a brand new set. We couldn't be happier. You provide the solution for parents.
    - Suzie Lopez
  • I was able to introduce golf to my child because of this program. It allows me to invest minimum money to determine if my kid would like the sport.
    – Kevin Salinas
  • Buying clubs for a growing kid that they will outgrown in a year or two is frustrating. I love the idea of 'renting' instead, I wish someone would do this for clothes and shoes." - Sarah Ryan
    - Sarah Ryan
  • I got these for my 4 now 5-year-old grandson He had a couple of clubs that were too long and created some frustration. He loves these clubs AND the bag. He now wants to practice and get on the course.
    - William Madden
  • Golf is unique sport and kids are overloaded from very young age for their sports time between YMCA and now select so have to be very creative on timing and marketing of golf. My 6-year-old received his clubs two weeks ago and tomorrow will be first golf day open tomorrow.
    – Nick Kennedy
  • Golf is still a very expensive sport for juniors to excel in. This club program certainly helps. It's very forward thinking for addressing the economic concerns most junior parents face. Lessons & tournament enrollment and registration fee are the other big hurdle. Those economics still determine largely how successful a junior golfer is. It remains more true in golf than any other sport or childhood endeavor.
    - Suzie Mackey
  • Thanks for putting this program together! The only negative is the awesome Callaway clubs make my son look like the best golfer when he shows up to lessons, camps, etc. His play needs to catch up to his equipment! He's 7, so we have time! We LOVE Junior.Club.
    – Amy Roth
  • Program is great offer and wish they had it around when I was a kid!
    – Charlie Powell
  • Passed on to 3 other families, all liked the program.
    – Anna Short
  • I want to thank you for letting my daughter have the option to be part of a great experience using the Callaway clubs. There is a huge difference in quality of the clubs compared to the junior sets out in the golf shops.
    – Rodney Wright
  • It was extremely easy to order clubs for my son. They arrived at my house very quickly, and look great! Thanks for a great experience!
    – Shawn Sullivan
  • It was an excellent experience for my 12-year-old. He had never really played golf before, and after one week of instruction, he had developed a decent swing. We were able to play 18 holes on Father's Day, and we had a great time!
    – Jeremy Brown
  • Clubs perform well. Really like the concept of growing kids into golf by providing an efficient way for the right size clubs at an affordable price point!
    – Scott Chrisman
  • 8 yr. old grandson has been playing golf for a few years so I decided to try out Junior.Club. After my order the clubs arrived within 3 days. My grandson absolutely loves the clubs and bag. He can now learn the game with all the necessary clubs. Almost got his first birdie last week.
    – Ronda Whitehead
  • This is the first set for my grandson who is at Level 3, so we haven't had to exchange for another set yet. But, he loves his Callaway clubs.
    – Janice Knoll
  • Absolutely outstanding product for junior/beginner golfers! The rate our sons have improved is just amazing since getting their Callaway junior sets! Plus, the customer service is second to none!
    – Bryan Armstrong
  • It was a great program especially for younger kids to move up.
    – Teri McBride
  • I purchased the Junior Club program for my grandson Jack. He wanted to join his father and me in the game but was challenged by the length of the clubs The Junior.Club program allows him to have a customized set that alleviates the bad habits. He loves the bag and a Callaway fan is born. Thank you for the great service and product.
    – Mark Giuliani
  • I have recommended the junior club to six of my friends. Good clubs for kids are not easy to find. And, if you do find them, the price is too high for a few years of use. This program offers extremely nice clubs for a extremely low rental price. My friends just ogled over my son's clubs set and bag. Great product to get your kids interested in golf now.
    – Nancy Seccurro
  • Excellent customer service. We received the golf clubs in excellent condition. My son was so happy when he received the golf clubs. Very convenient for golf camps.
    – Marcela Gray
  • My son has enjoyed the Junior Club program!!!
    – Ro Thompson
  • My 5-year-old grandson is in level one and loves his clubs. He has gone from using a tee for all clubs to hitting every club off the ground except the driver. His swing and contact improve every session. He can't spend hours in the range if I let him. I look forward to hitting the course with him in the near future. This program has allows him to use quality clubs without spending a bunch of money on clubs he will out grow and end up in a garage sale or Goodwill.
    – Mike Carroll
  • The clubs are great, and the price is right!
    – Steve Burns
  • My boys are golfing! Very exciting!!
    – Justine Fournier
  • Great clubs. Quick delivery.
    – Josh Anderson
  • Great service for young golfers.
    – Michael Lewandowski
  • This is an excellent service to families and children. The opportunity to have the equipment needed to participate in a sport and not overspend before you are sure they are invested and enjoying it. Golf is a great sport but like many, it is also expensive. This has made it possible for our daughter to participate and she's loving it! Thank you!
    – Amy Moran

How it Works

divider.png Select the clubs that fit your child's current height.
When they outgrow the clubs, come back to Junior.Club and get a new size.


When your child is just starting out, they need a sturdy club to help them master the art of golf. That's why we provide members with Callaway Youth golf clubs: a child-sized set from the brand the pros use.

Once your young golfer outgrows his or her clubs, simply send them back to us. We will give you a brand new golf bag, complete with a driver, 3-wood, 5 hybrid, 7-iron, 9-iron, SW and putter in your child's new size.

Our Callaway Youth golf clubs come in four sizes and are designed for kids between 42 inches (3'6") and 62 inches (5'2"). Your kids' golf clubs can grow with them, so they always have the right size for the right swing.

Starting at $20/month Get Started Now

Returning & Exchanging

divider.png Returning and Exchanging Your Clubs is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Email returns@junior.club to get your return instructions.

2. Send your clubs back to us.*

3. We'll send the next size up or cancel your order.

*Customer is responsible for return postage cost

What Makes Us Best

Five great features
  • 1No Long Term Commitments
  • 2Higher Quality, Lower Price
  • 3'One-click' Upgrades
  • 4Delivered To Your Front Door
  • 5Higher Performance by Callaway

Kids Golf Clubs at a Low Price

At Junior.Club, we want your kids to enjoy golf without breaking the bank. That's why our plans start as low as $20 a month!
For this low monthly price, your child can enjoy a quality set of Callaway Youth golf clubs in his or her perfect size -- and you'll enjoy savings of 30-50% versus the cost of buying a new set. With our subscription service, everybody's a winner!
Best of all, we will ship all new or replacement clubs straight to your door! You won't waste any more time searching for the right clubs -- and that means you and your kids can spend more time on the course.

Get Started Today

It is never too early to introduce your kids to the greatest game ever played. Is your kid ready to be the next golf superstar? Then don't hesitate; get them their first Callaway Youth golf clubs today with Junior.Club!
Getting started is easy: just click here to choose the plan and club set that best suits your child. Then, wait for your first shipment to arrive -- and when it does, get out to your local course and swing away.
Do you have any questions about our subscription service? You can check out our frequently-asked questions or email your question to clubs@junior.club. We will be happy to answer your questions and help the next generation of golfers!

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