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About Junior.Club


Are you afraid to buy your child new golf clubs? He or she deserves a nice set, but you know they’ll outgrow it in a heartbeat! Don’t worry -- we are here with a solution that is sure to make everyone happy.

Junior.Club is a subscription service unlike any other. Our mission is to provide kids everywhere with the tools they need to improve their golf game, with high-quality Callaway Youth golf clubs that suit their bodies, even as they grow.

When your child outgrows his or her current set, you can easily swap them out for a new one. We’ll even ship them to your door! Your child will have great clubs that fit well, and you can save some money.

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Bringing Golf to the Next Generation


At Junior.Club, we care about golf and the kids who play it. We want to see a new generation of golfers succeed, so we provide our members with the equipment they need to do their very best on the course.

These kid-friendly youth golf clubs come from the brand most pro golfers use: Callaway. With these clubs in their golf bag, your child can master an expert golf swing with a quality club that will up his or her game.

with Junior.Club, your child gets the best golf equipment conveniently and at a low cost -- every time.

How Junior.Club


Junior.Club makes getting new youth golf clubs easier than ever. To join, simply choose your plan and the right sized club for your kids. We’ll ship a complete Callaway set straight to your door, ready for your kid to play.

And what happens when your little one outgrows his or her clubs? Easy: just send the clubs back to us. We’ll send you a new set in a new size, so your kid can get back out there and play again!

We’ll never ask for a long-term commitment, and we’ll readily size up your child’s clubs or cancel your subscription if necessary. With Junior.Club, your child gets the best golf equipment conveniently and at a low cost every time. 

Any Questions?


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Our kids golf club subscription service can help any child improve their golf game. And thanks to our low prices, Junior.Club is the ideal service for any young golfer, whether he or she is a serious or a casual player.

If you want your child to enjoy the game of golf, get started with Junior.Club today. We have starter sets for golf novices and standard sets for more experienced players, so anyone can play!

Do you have questions about our plans or services? We’re here to help you! Click here to check out some of our frequently-asked questions or email william@junior.golf. We will be happy to help you in any way that we can. 

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